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Car Accidents
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2024 How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Tulsa?

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed and stressed thinking about how to proceed in seeking compensation. This becomes even more complicated while you are still recovering and dealing with other consequences of the accident. You are considering hiring an attorney to…

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2024 What to Do After a Car Accident in Tulsa?

It is not uncommon for victims in car collisions to not know what steps to take after their accident, and even if they do, the shock and bodily harm can cloud decision-making skills. Whether you’re planning ahead in case of an accident or need to…

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Tulsa Car Accident Statistics 2024 – Traffic Fatalities

With the distractions of everyday life and crowded public spaces, it’s not surprising that traffic accidents happen frequently. While it’s more common not to be involved in a vehicle accident during your daily travels, the sense of safety this fact offers is an illusion that…

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Oklahoma Car Seat Laws Explained [2024 Updated]

Car seat laws are put in place so babies, toddlers, and young children can travel safely in a vehicle. When children are properly secured in a car seat, the likelihood of suffering a major injury during a car accident goes down tremendously. Each state has…

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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Oklahoma? 2024

Many people believe riding a motorcycle is just like driving a car, with the same rules to follow. The truth is that different laws and restrictions apply to operating a motorcycle versus a car. Before you start riding, you must be familiar with these laws…

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Oklahoma Car Accident Settlement Process and Timeline (2024)

The settlement process after an accident in Oklahoma is quite complex. There are several different steps, many of which involve other parties like attorneys, insurance companies, and the other people involved in the accident. While the timeline varies depending on specific details of the situation,…

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2024 What To Do After A Car Accident in Oklahoma?

A car accident can be a very traumatic event. Not knowing what to do in the aftermath can only further complicate that experience. It’s very important to take the right steps immediately following a car accident to ensure your health, safety, and legal protection. If…

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Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Oklahoma City (2024)

Oklahoma City ranks fairly low for cities with high traffic. Urban traffic and traffic congestion in Oklahoma City is relatively mild compared to other cities in Oklahoma and in the US. However, there are still many accidents in the city each year, and they occur…

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Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Tulsa, OK (2024)

Not only does Tulsa have some of the most dangerous intersections in the state of Oklahoma, but it is also ranked among the most dangerous cities in which to drive. Furthermore, it is the most dangerous major city in Oklahoma for crime, which includes hit-and-run…

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Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Oklahoma (2024 Updated)

New data released earlier this year from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) reports good news and bad news for Oklahoma roadways and the drivers who frequent them. A study released just this year divulges the results of a five-year survey of roadways that was…

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