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so you may be wondering, why is our name 222 injury lawyers? let us explain

I could never represent an insurance company and here is why. When I was 7 years old my parents had just bought a brand new trailer house for our family to live in. Me and my mother and sister had gone to stay the weekend with my oldest sister a few weeks after we got the new house and a tornado came through while my dad and brother were asleep in the house. My dad heard it coming and got the two of them out before it hit, but it was a direct hit and the house and all of our belongings were completely destroyed

When my dad filed the insurance claim, it was completely denied because they said we didn’t have the proper tie downs on the trailer. We were left homeless. We had nowhere to go. We lived in a barn for quite some time while my parents worked to get themselves back on their feet. I vividly remember rats running through the rafters when we would lay down to sleep at night. The trauma from that is deeply imbedded in my memory.

No one in my family had ever graduated from college before me. After graduating from OU I decided to go to law school and I knew when I got out exactly what kind of law I wanted to handle. I wanted to do everything I could to help other families avoid getting taken advantage of by insurance companies. So for the last 30 years, that’s all I have done.

So, you may be asking, what does that have to do with 2/22. Well, that tornado hit on 2/22 1975 and the clocks found amongst the debris were all stopped at 2:22 in the morning. I’ve never forgotten that date. 2/22. So when my son and daughter and I were discussing starting our own law firm, it occurred to me that I would not be doing what I’m doing today and my children probably would not be lawyers joining me except for what happened on 2/22. It is why we exist. That’s our 2/22. What’s yours?

tye smith


The Tulsa and Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys at 222 Injury Lawyers offer 30+ years of professional experience handling wrongful death, personal injury and insurance claims in Oklahoma. Our father-son team takes time to learn as much as possible about each client’s unique situation, helping them make more informed decisions about their recoveries and guiding them through complex court proceedings.

Every day, thousands of people across the country experience unexpected injuries from countless causes. When one party’s actions harm another party, the victim has the right to pursue compensation for their personal injury, and each state has their own unique personal injury law. If you believe another party caused a recent injury to you or a loved one, an experienced Tulsa and Oklahoma City personal injury attorney is the best resource to consult if you want to know how to hold them accountable.

Our Practice Areas

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is always hard. Losing a loved one because someone wasn’t acting right makes the loss even more difficult Sometimes…

Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are essential to the American economy. They deliver millions of goods and materials to thousands of destinations…

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Many communities and businesses in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area rely on these commercial vehicles to run their businesses and take care of their families…

Insurance Bad Faith

Most every American will eventually need to file an insurance claim of some kind. Sadly, we all know that insurance companies…

Personal Injury

Personal injuries happen every day in the Tulsa area and throughout the state, and every day insurance companies…

Car Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a Tulsa or Oklahoma City car accident, you need an experienced and compassionate attorney. Injuries and deaths…

Premises Liability

When a property owner doesn’t care for their property and someone gets hurt, that injured person can file a personal injury…

Motorcycle Accidents

The freedom of riding a motorcycle is something many Tulsa and Oklahoma City residents look forward to each year. However, people should be able to enjoy…


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Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

It is technically possible to file a civil claim for damages against another party in Oklahoma without hiring an attorney. Some may believe their claims are straightforward enough that they can save money on legal fees by representing themselves. The reality is that any personal injury can be a life-changing experience, and having experienced legal counsel guide you through your case proceedings will make every phase of your recovery efforts easier to handle and more likely to generate positive results.

If you have been seriously injured, we will handle it for you.

When you choose 222 Injury Lawyers to represent you in a Tulsa personal injury case, we will set to work gathering the evidence you will need to prove liability for your damages.

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Proving the defendant’s negligence or misconduct directly harmed you.

For example, you may need to prove the defendant was careless, failed to meet a specific duty of care, or broke Oklahoma law in some manner that directly caused your injury.

Proving the full extent of the harm done by the defendant.

Your Tulsa personal injury attorney can potentially uncover avenues of compensation you hadn’t considered on your own.

Establishing causation between the defendant’s actions and the plaintiff’s damages.

In other words you must be prepared to prove your claimed losses occurred because of the defendant’s actions.

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About Personal Injury Personal Injury FAQs

Do I Need A Lawyer To Represent My Claim? My Insurance Provider Said It’s Unnecessary.

The simple answer is yes. When you get hurt in an accident, insurance companies aren’t your friend. Their only responsibility is to protect the individual or company that hurt you and minimize the amount of compensation you receive. 222 Injury Lawyers have the experience to take the stress of dealing with insurance companies off your shoulders and help you get back to your life as soon as possible.

What happens if I’m partially at fault for the accident?

In Oklahoma, being partially at fault for an accident doesn’t mean you can’t be compensated. While insurance companies may tell you they’re unwilling to pay, at 222 Injury Lawyers our goal is to gather the information and formulate the legal theories that will change their mind, including taking them to trial when necessary. We know there’s always more to the story than what is reflected on an accident report, and 222 Injury Lawyers are willing to fight for Oklahomans in these situations to make sure you aren’t taken advantage of.

What Can I Expect During My Personal Injury Case?

The first thing you can expect is someone to talk to that actually cares about your well-being. Insurance companies think of you as a number they are trying to minimize. 222 Injury Lawyers know that you’re someone who is in a situation they never wanted to be in and needs help. We will take care of handling the insurance companies. We will make sure you’re able to find a doctor to help get you the treatment you need. We make sure every person or company that could be responsible for your injuries are held accountable. 222 Injury Lawyers are with you every step of the way.

Should I Call A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

The first calls you should make after a car accident are to the police, and, if needed, the hospital. The next call should be to 222 Injury Lawyers. While you’re trying to get to the doctor or take your vehicle in to the shop, the other driver’s insurance company is looking for any angle to not pay you what you are owed. Give us a call as soon as you can so you’ve got someone experienced in your corner making sure you are taken care of.

What Kind Of Personal Injury Cases Does Your Firm Handle?

If someone is hurt, we handle it. Whether it’s from a car wreck, a dog bite, a slip and fall, or anything else 222 Injury Lawyers have over 30 years of experience finding who is responsible and holding them accountable. We know the law in Oklahoma, and we have the experience to win at trial. If you’ve been hurt, give us a call. It’s free to talk to us, and we would be happy to discuss your potential case with you and the compensation you may be entitled to.

Who Can Be Held Responsible For My Injuries?

In Oklahoma, anyone who caused or contributed to your injuries can be held responsible. Whether it’s another vehicle that caused someone else to hit you or a doctor that didn’t give you the proper care after your injury, each of these individuals could be held responsible. Outside of who is responsible for your injuries, other parties like your own insurance company may be required to compensate you for your injuries too. 222 Injury Lawyers leave no stone unturned when making sure anyone and everyone that contributed to your injury is held accountable.

what is your 222?

At 222 Injury Lawyers, we believe in protecting the little guy. We understand how the bullying tactics of insurance companies hurt people and believe in protecting the vulnerable against them. Whatever catastrophic situation has led you to us, know that we are in your corner and won’t let the vulnerable be taken advantage of by big insurance companies or other unscrupulous parties. Insurance companies and other responsible parties are not there to protect your interests.

We are.

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