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Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer

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Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries happen every day in the Tulsa area and throughout the state, and every day insurance companies take advantage of those people. Many victims are left wondering how they can recover from these damaging experiences. When you suffer a personal injury that is someone else’s fault, you need someone who will fight for you. If you or a loved one recently suffered any kind of personal injury because of another party’s actions, contact our firm. At 222 Injury Lawyers, we build relationships – with clients, with co-workers, and with those we do business with each day. We won’t let insurance companies and other parties bully you when you are at your most vulnerable.

Proving Compassionate Personal Injury Representation in Tulsa, OK

222 Injury Lawyers are a team of experienced Tulsa personal injury attorneys ready to fight to protect your best interests. Whether it’s getting you the best settlement possible or taking your case to court when necessary, we provide legal help you can trust.

Lawyers You Can Trust With Your Personal Injury Case in Tulsa, OK

At 222 Injury Lawyers, we have both the skill and experience to handle all types of personal injury claims. We are also dedicated to protecting our clients. We fight for the little guy and will put your best interests first. A few of the most common personal injury cases we see include:

  • Auto accidents. Your Tulsa personal injury attorney can help you file an auto insurance claim before proceeding with a personal injury action against an at-fault driver if necessary for your recovery.
  • Truck accidents. Any large commercial truck accident is very likely to cause catastrophic damage. Determining liability for this type of case can be challenging, but the right attorney can provide invaluable support and guidance that maximizes your chances of success.
  • Motorcycle accidents. This type of vehicle accident can easily cause life-changing injuries. Our team has successfully represented many injured motorcyclists in the past and can apply this experience to your case.
  • Commercial vehicle accidents. An accident involving a commercial vehicle could implicate the driver and their employer. These cases can evolve in complex ways, and the right attorney is crucial for addressing the unique aspects of your commercial vehicle accident claim.
  • Product liability actions. If a defective or unreasonably dangerous product injured you, our team can help you determine whether you should join a class-action suit already in progress or file your own individual civil claim against the manufacturer.
  • Premises liability. Any property owner who fails to take proper care of their property could face liability if their failure results in harm to a lawful guest or visitor. Slip and fall injury claims are a common type of premises liability case filed in Oklahoma.
  • Workplace injury cases. A work-related injury in Tulsa is likely to generate a workers’ compensation claim. If a specific party is responsible for the injury you recently suffered at work, you will need an attorney’s help to pursue further legal recourse and enhance your final recovery.
  • Insurance bad faith. Any insurance company that violates the state’s law upholding good faith and fair dealing in insurance claim settlements acts in bad faith. 222 Injury Lawyers can help you hold an unethical insurance company accountable for your experience.
  • Wrongful death. Unfortunately, some personal injuries prove fatal, and victims do not survive. If you lost a loved one because of another party’s misconduct or negligence in Tulsa, we could help you file a wrongful death action against them in lieu of a personal injury claim.

No matter how tricky your case is, you can trust our firm to give you the advice you need. We have first hand knowledge of the divisive tactics that insurance companies and others use, and we won’t let them bully you into a settlement that isn’t fair. We know that no two cases are the same, so we create a plan that is just for you – no cookie cutter strategies when your livelihood is on the line. Ultimately, you are not only more likely to win a personal injury case with an experienced attorney’s help but also more likely to get the highest payout for it as well.

Insurance Companies and Personal Injury Claims

Although many people believe that insurance companies exist to help customers, in reality their top priority is their own profits. They have extensive resources at their disposal. These include highly experienced lawyers who can spin any story to absolve the company of guilt. This puts many victims and their families at a distinct disadvantage in these cases. It also leaves room for further exploitation.

Insurance companies will use a series of tactics to attempt to get victims to waive their right to a settlement. The adjusters may ask pointed or leading questions. They may even pressure victims into making a statement before they have had time to speak to their attorneys. In extreme cases, insurance companies will hire private investigators to watch accident victims. They will do everything possible to catch them engaging in activities that are not consistent with their injury claims. These tactics are invasive, intimidating, and jeopardize families’ necessary settlements.

Insurance companies are a top reason to hire a personal injury attorney. With your own legal representation, you can fight back against the predatory tactics of these large corporations. If you let them win, they will continue to take advantage of injured individuals who deserve access to proper medical care. With an attorney’s help, you have a stronger opportunity to win your claim and earn the compensation that you deserve.

Negligence in Your Tulsa Personal Injury Claim

For a personal injury claim to be valid, negligence must be involved. Because this is so central to your case, it is important that you understand how negligence functions in the legal system.

The law views negligence as any time that a person or business fails to follow all relevant laws. For example, a driver is negligent if they text while driving, because doing so is illegal and forces them to neglect their responsibility as a driver. The manifestation of negligence is different in every personal injury claim. Nevertheless, it is central to your argument if you are pursuing compensation for the resulting injury.

Proving negligence can be challenging, but your attorney can help. Your legal representation will work with you to accumulate any evidence of negligence that is available in your case. Possible pieces of negligence include:

  • CCTV or video footage of the accident
  • Phone records
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Business or company records
  • Doctor’s notes or medical records

There are many other pieces of evidence that may show the court that negligence was responsible for your injury. Your personal injury attorney can help you determine which pieces of evidence will be most helpful in your scenario. They can also work with you to obtain them.

What to Do After a Potential Personal Injury Accident

Unfortunately, there are certain actions that make victims less likely to earn the settlement that they deserve after an accident or injury. It is essential to follow certain protocols after you suffer an accident, regardless of the situation. Doing so can help you preserve your future claim.

After an accident, do the following:

  1. Prioritize your health and safety. If you are seriously injured, lose consciousness, or are in extreme pain, remain in place until medical help arrives.
  2. If possible, take photos and videos of the accident scene. This includes your injuries, any debris, any broken objects, signs, and more.
  3. Note any eyewitnesses and ask for their contact information.
  4. Do not apologize or admit fault at any time.
  5. Call your attorney. Do not speak to any insurance adjusters without your attorney present.

Although these steps cannot guarantee a personal injury claim, they can preserve your rights if you have grounds to take legal action. Following these protocols helps protect relevant evidence and strengthens your case.

The most important part of these steps is calling your attorney. Legal representation is vital in these complicated matters. It can even result in higher settlements. Our team at 222 Injury Lawyers is here to help.

Recovering From Your Tulsa Personal Injury

When you are injured, it can affect your whole life. From not being able to work to pay the bills to suffering pain from the injury, you need someone who will protect your best interests. You are likely having to deal with losses like medical bills, lost income, and property loss. In Oklahoma, you can receive payment for that suffering. Though no amount of money can make up for the pain you are in, there are ways that money can make your life easier. A good attorney can help you recover medical costs (for now and the future), money from lost work, and help with money if you aren’t able to continue working.

State law lets those in a personal injury claim seek full repayment of all the money they spent due to their injury. When it comes to pain and suffering, state law does not limit how much you can ask for in most personal injury claims. An experienced Tulsa personal injury attorney can work with you to figure out how much these potential payments could be and what negotiations might look like.

It’s natural to wonder how much money you might recover if you win your personal injury case. Many personal injury plaintiffs in Tulsa are surprised to learn they can claim far more than they generally thought once they connect with reliable personal injury attorneys. If you believe you have grounds to seek compensation for damages in a civil action, call our office. You need to have an experienced Tulsa personal injury attorney representing you to hold the defendant accountable and ensure you get the best possible solution to your case.

FAQs About Tulsa, OK Personal Injury Law

What Percentage Do Most Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyers Take?

Personal injury attorneys take, on average, 33% of the settlement amount. This means that some may claim more, and others may claim less. In some rare situations, personal injury lawyers may charge hourly for their services. However, this is more common in other legal sectors. Because of the variability of attorney prices, it is important to ask any potential attorneys about their pricing. This will help to ensure that you can afford your legal representation for the duration of your claim.

Do I Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The law does not require that you have a personal injury attorney for your claim, but it is to your benefit to do so. Insurance companies frequently take advantage of injured customers and will use extensive resources to fight back against these claims. Without legal representation, it is difficult to defend yourself against their tactics, which can cause you further trouble. Our attorneys are here to fight for you and offer comprehensive support during this difficult time.

What Will Your Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Your personal injury lawyer can collect evidence and information surrounding your case. We can talk to you about your personal experience and work to create an argument that can hold up in court. All personal injury cases are different, so it is important that your Tulsa personal injury attorney listens closely to your story. Our team is focused on empathetic, compassionate legal care that begins with a safe, approachable space for you to share your experience.

What Are the Personal Injury Laws in the U.S.?

There are many specific laws that address a myriad of situations. In general, personal injury laws state that a victim of an accident may press charges against someone who caused the accident through negligence. Negligence can occur in many different ways. Ultimately, though, it describes any situation in which an individual or business fails to follow all laws and regulations that apply to their situation. If negligence leads to injury, the negligent individual or business is liable for the resulting damage.

Contact Our Tulsa, OK Personal Injury Lawyers Today

After a personal injury, you are at your most vulnerable. That’s why you need someone protecting your best interests.

Every personal injury case is unique, and we treat every case with the care and attention it deserves. We will be in your corner, whatever your situation entails. If you believe you have a personal injury claim, contact the team at 222 Injury Lawyers and schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can assist you with your claim. Trust our firm to help you with every stage of the process.

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