Tulsa Car Accident Statistics 2024 – Traffic Fatalities

With the distractions of everyday life and crowded public spaces, it’s not surprising that traffic accidents happen frequently. While it’s more common not to be involved in a vehicle accident during your daily travels, the sense of safety this fact offers is an illusion that can be destroyed in an instant. This sense of safety becomes even more tenuous when you understand how dangerous vehicle accidents can be. Read on to familiarize yourself with Tulsa car accident statistics.

Statistics for Automobile Traffic Accidents in Oklahoma

A comprehensive 2021 study conducted by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) found that across the state, there were a total of 9,360 accidents in Oklahoma. 11,619 people were injured as a result of those accidents. There were 762 fatalities resulting from 681 accidents, with 259 of those fatalities not properly restrained in the vehicle.

Out of all statewide accidents, 816 accidents and 195 fatalities had circumstances involving alcohol. As a result of the accidents involving alcohol, a total of 939 persons in 816 accidents experienced injuries ranging from mild to severe. 425 of the 9,360 crashes were drug-related, leading to 403 injuries and 300 fatalities. 125 of those deceased individuals were not restrained by a seatbelt. 1,625 vehicle accidents included an element of speeding, and 1,243 of the crashes involved distracted driving.

To summarize:

  • There were 9,360 total accidents
  • 93% of accidents resulted in an injury
  • 7% of accidents resulted in a fatality
  • 21% of alcohol-related accidents resulted in a fatality, and 79% resulted in an injury
  • 61% of drug-related accidents resulted in a fatality, and 39% resulted in an injury

Why It’s Smart to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

After being involved in a car collision, you’re likely stressed from dealing with your injuries and figuring out how to fulfill your obligations now that you’re in recovery. It’s not only unnecessary trouble to try negotiating and representing yourself in pursuing a personal injury claim, but it’s also not the most effective approach.

Insurance companies are often intimidating and dismissive of people trying to get an appropriate settlement amount. These companies exert a lot of effort in trying not to award victims above the bare minimum settlement, which is often not even enough to cover hospital bills. To reach this goal, they are frequently quick to mislead or take advantage.

A competent personal injury attorney understands how to aggressively negotiate with these insurance companies so you leave with an adequate settlement. Additionally, they will be ready to take your case to trial in the event you are denied proper compensation in a settlement offer. It’s wise to have a lawyer in these instances since they possess the knowledge and ability to wield their legal experience in a courtroom.

If a Loved One Lost Their Life in a Car Crash

Tragically, sometimes those involved in traffic incidents don’t survive the accident or are unable to recover from their injuries and pass away. In these unfortunate cases, the surviving family members are lawfully allowed to seek financial compensation for their immense loss and grief if they wish.

In some circumstances, such as when the deceased individual was a primary income earner, the family may have no choice but to pursue recompense through a wrongful death claim. These cases are similar to personal injury claims, but the attorney instead represents the family of the deceased. The awarded compensation may be for funeral/burial expenses, loss of income, further support of dependents, and other matters.

It can be especially prudent to have a quality personal injury attorney for wrongful death cases; the grieving family will likely be understandably emotional and may have little knowledge of the legal process or what settlement amount would be appropriate for the circumstances. A lawyer would be compassionate and provide considerate guidance for those seeking repayment for the lost life of a loved one.


Q: How Many Car Accidents Occur Each Year in Oklahoma?

A: Every year will see a different number of reported traffic incidents, but Oklahoma currently has around 9,000 accidents occurring annually, with most of those accidents resulting in an injury. A 2021 study found a total of 11,619 persons were injured in car accidents, and 762 died as a result of an accident.

Q: Where Are the Most Fatal Car Accidents?

A: Most fatal car accidents occur, unsurprisingly, in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. These cities are the most populous cities in the state and are frequent tourist spots. Additionally, fatal crashes commonly happen along major highways and the interstate. It should also be noted that most non-fatal accidents, minor and serious, similarly occur in these areas as well.

Q: Who Gets in the Most Car Accidents?

A: All age demographics frequently get into car crashes; however, minor drivers under 20 can be more at risk for accidents due to inexperience and higher willingness to take risks. Elderly motorists are also a possible hazard because of their declining reaction time and other faculties. Passenger automobiles and light trucks are the most common vehicles involved in fatal collisions.

Q: What Is the Leading Cause of Car Accidents in the US?

A: The majority of injuries and deaths from traffic collisions are a result of some type of negligent driving behavior and not wearing a seatbelt. Some examples of negligent driving include operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, being distracted, speeding, ignoring traffic regulations, or taking reckless actions. Drunk driving and speeding are among the top reasons for car accidents nationwide.

All Degrees of Injury and Anguish Deserve Recompense

If you or a family member has suffered injury or other damages in a car accident, reach out to 222 Injury Lawyers. We can help you earn the compensation you’re entitled to within the limits of the law and keep insurance companies from trying to underpay. Our experienced attorneys are ready to take your case to trial if needed.

We have the wisdom and passion required to fight on your behalf. When you schedule a consultation with us, you’ll immediately feel at ease because you’re in well-qualified hands. Our attorneys will be available to answer your questions and keep you informed on the progress through every step of your case.

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