Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Tulsa, OK (2024)

Not only does Tulsa have some of the most dangerous intersections in the state of Oklahoma, but it is also ranked among the most dangerous cities in which to drive. Furthermore, it is the most dangerous major city in Oklahoma for crime, which includes hit-and-run vehicle accidents. If you have been involved in a Tulsa car accident, you need a Tulsa car accident attorney to advise you before you act or say anything to law enforcement officers or insurance companies.

Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Tulsa, OK

Anyone who’s driven in South Tulsa or Tulsa knows it can be nerve-wracking to navigate some of the most dangerous Tulsa intersections. There are many intersections where you should heed additional caution when crossing.

Most of the major intersections cited as the most dangerous in Tulsa are located in South Tulsa, and many of them lie along Memorial Highway. Intersections such as 61st and Memorial, 81st and Memorial, and the Broken Arrow and Memorial are among the most dangerous intersections in the entire state of Oklahoma.

Other intersections noted for being dangerous in Tulsa include 61st and US Highway 169 and 51st and Harvard.

What Causes Accidents in Intersections?

One of the biggest problems with Tulsa traffic is when drivers attempt to make it through an intersection on a yellow light but become stuck in the middle of the intersection when the light turns red. Drivers are then in danger of being hit by crossing traffic that has a green light and cannot drive around the car stuck in the center of the intersection.

Often, this causes an accident in the middle of the intersection. In other cases, pileup accidents may occur. Someone with a green light does not realize there’s a delay and continues to approach the intersection with full force in an attempt to make the light. Therefore, there is not enough time for the farthest drivers to stop, and the cars pile up. Eventually, one car rear-ends another car that is not even near the intersection.

This causes a domino effect, and cars pile up, impacting one after the other, until, eventually, momentum stops. Hopefully, the crossing traffic for the newly turned green light realizes there is a problem and does not continue to crash into the already collided cars throughout the intersection.

In fact, this is the case in many accidents that occur at the intersection of 71st and Mingo. This is a highly trafficked area due to the nearby hospital, the mall, the high school, and other local businesses. With 71st being one of Tulsa’s busiest roadways, it is also the scene of many Tulsa car accidents.

Highway 69 is also littered with dangerous intersections that run from 31st Street to 91st Street. The highest number of accidents, though, occur on Memorial and a roadway called the Broken Arrow Expressway, which many locals refer to as the “BA.” Just between the on and off-ramps alone, in one year, there were more than 120 accidents on the BA.

Why Do So Many Car Accidents Occur?

he biggest contributor to car accidents in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and throughout the country is distracted drivers. When drivers fail to keep their attention on the operation of their car, they are subject to running stop signs or stop lights, failing to yield, and missing the opportunity to slow down for slowed or stopped traffic. These instances can all be prevented if drivers do not take their eyes off the road.


Q: What Is the Most Dangerous Intersection in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

A: The intersection of Broken Arrow Expressway, which is often referred to as the “BA” by locals, and Memorial Drive is arguably the most dangerous Tulsa intersection despite traffic lights and stop signs. This intersection has been the location of an unprecedented number of car accidents and countless injuries.

Q: Is Oklahoma a No-Fault Car Accident State?

A:No, Oklahoma is an at-fault state in which the insurance company of the driver who is at fault for the accident is liable for the damages incurred by other drivers, their passengers, their property, and pedestrians who were involved in the accident. Victims of an accident who are not at fault are not responsible for the expenses incurred as a result.

Q: What Is the First Thing You Do When You Get Into a Collision in Oklahoma?

A: If you are involved in an accident, the first thing you should do is seek immediate attention for any medical needs you or any passengers, other drivers, or pedestrians may have. You should also call the police for ambulance assistance immediately, especially if there are obvious injuries. In some cases, you may not know if there are injuries. You should call the police regardless.

Q: How Long Does an Accident Stay on Your Record in Oklahoma?

A: In Oklahoma, a driver’s record has a look-back period of just three years. After three years, any accidents, convictions, or citations on your Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) will be eradicated and fall off of your record permanently. This is generous, given most states extend driving records to ten years or even longer.

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Accidents can happen on any road, in any intersection, and in any city. Where there is a distracted driver, there is a potential and likely collision. While it is important to seek medical attention and contact the police, calling your lawyer should be your next step.

Regardless of whether you believe you are at fault, it is important not to admit fault or speak to insurance companies before speaking with your lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, consider hiring a Tulsa car accident attorney from 222 Injury Lawyers.

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