Oklahoma City Product Liability Lawyer

Oklahoma City Product Liability Lawyer

Oklahoma City Product Liability Attorney

The manufacturers and designers of consumer products are responsible for creating safe and non-defective products. When these companies fail in this responsibility, consumers can suffer minor and catastrophic injuries and even death. If you or a loved one has been one of these injured consumers, you have the right to seek compensation for everything you’ve lost. The most effective way to do so is with the help of an Oklahoma City product liability lawyer.

Creating defective products is illegal, but unfortunately, it happens alarmingly frequently as companies cut corners or improperly market their products, resulting in consumers handling and using dangerous and defective products.

When consumers are injured by these products, filing a claim is often hard. These companies invest in insurance companies and legal protection that make it very hard for injured consumers to hold them responsible for their negligence.

Insurance providers do all they can to limit the company’s liability, and this means denying and limiting good-faith claims from injured people like you. When you or a loved one has been injured by a defective or unreasonably unsafe product, you deserve proper compensation for your losses and injuries. You need a product liability lawyer to look after your interests and stand up for you. Don’t let insurance companies put you in a vulnerable financial position after an injury.

Oklahoma City Product Liability Lawyer

Strong Legal Support for Your Oklahoma City Product Liability Claim

When you or someone you care about in Oklahoma City has been injured from a product that was defective or did not give clear instructions or warning, you may have a product liability claim. Bring your case to 222 Injury Lawyers, and let us fight for your rights. We will always be upfront with you about the value of your claim and its chances of success. When you have a product liability claim, we are the team that you want in your corner.

We believe in standing up for those who have been wronged by big product companies. We have worked in civil claims for many years, including product liability claims, so our team has significant trial experience that gives us an edge when negotiating your right to a settlement.

Insurance companies can be bullies, and 222 Injury Lawyers know how to handle their tactics when they try to diminish a valid claim. We want to advocate for the compensation you deserve and help protect others from suffering the same harm as you.

What Is Product Liability?

The companies that manufacture, market, and design consumer products may be responsible for a defective or unsafe product, depending on the type of issue causing a product to be unsafe. Products must also meet safety and care requirements under state and federal statutes. The most common causes of product liability claims include:

  • Design Defects
    When a product is dangerous because of the way it was created and designed, every product manufactured is dangerous. The designers of the product could be the at-fault party and be liable for both your damages and the damages of any other consumers harmed by the product. Often, a defective design flaw results in a product recall.
  • Manufacturing Defects
    These flaws occur when there is an error in the making of the item or when the product is made out of low-quality or dangerous materials. The product design itself is safe and/or calls for higher-quality materials, but the manufacturing process has made it dangerous. It may make the normal use of the item unsafe.
  • Marketing Defects
    A marketing defect may include false advertising about the abilities or use of the product. If the product does not meet the manufacturing or design specifications, this may be considered a marketing defect. It may also include marketing a product for use in a dangerous way. When consumers are injured because of marketing defects, this constitutes a product liability claim.
  • Failure to Warn
    Product manufacturers are required to provide appropriate warning labels, instructions, and potential safety risks according to the specifications of their product and industry. When companies fail to warn consumers about the risks of a product, the risks of using the product incorrectly, or any danger that is not directly obvious, injured consumers could file a product liability claim.
  • Breach of Warranty
    If a product fails to meet the warranty outlined by the manufacturer, this is a breach of warranty. When this failure causes consumer injury, the manufacturer can be held liable.

Filing a Claim to Recover Your Damages

When you have been injured because of a company’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation for all your legally recognized damages resulting from the injury. This includes the cost of your medical bills, the future medical care you will need, the wages you lost during your recovery, and any property damages. It also includes noneconomic damages, such as past, current, and ongoing physical pain and emotional distress.

A product liability claim may be filed as a class action claim, which occurs when many individuals are hurt by the same defective product. When you talk with an attorney, they can help you find an existing class action lawsuit if it exists. Your attorney can also determine if that is the right course of action to maximize your compensation. For some claims, an individual product liability claim is more effective.

How Does a Product Liability Attorney Help With a Claim?

It is not easy for one injured consumer to successfully hold a large and profitable company responsible for their failures. Unfortunately, these companies have a lot of resources and will do everything in their power to shift the blame of a product injury. They may blame third parties, such as wholesalers, or they may blame injured consumers. Without similar resources, it can be hard to find the evidence that will hold them legally and financially responsible for their negligence.

The power of large corporations can leave you as the consumer in an incredibly vulnerable place, and it may leave you feeling responsible for the medical costs and income losses caused by these companies. This is not fair. These companies have the financial ability to hire aggressive legal protection against civil claims, so you need your own attorney’s resources to stand against them.

When you hire a knowledgeable and dedicated Oklahoma City attorney, you have someone on your side to fight against a negligent company, its attorneys, and its insurance company. You can rest and heal from your injuries while your attorney investigates the incident, finds the cause of your injury, and determines the at-fault party.

At 222 Injury Lawyers, we can help you file your claim and advocate for the compensation you need to recover.

FAQs About Oklahoma City Product Liability Laws

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Product Liability in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, the statute of limitations for a dangerous or defective product is two years from the date an injury occurred. Once the statute of limitations has expired, you can no longer claim compensation for an injury caused by a product.

A product’s warranty may also be important. If your injury was caused by a product with an expired warranty, it’s unlikely your claim will be successful. The insurance company may claim it was a natural consequence of the end of the product’s lifespan.

What Is the Product Liability Law in Oklahoma?

Under product liability laws, consumers are entitled to coverage for economic and noneconomic damages resulting from manufacturing defects, design defects, marketing defects, or a breach of warranty. This claim is filed against whatever party is at fault, such as the manufacturer, designer, or other part of the company.

It’s important to determine the true at-fault party when a product is defective. A retail distributor can’t be held liable for selling a product that is defective if they are not the manufacturer of that product. However, if the seller or distributor did something to cause the defect, such as improper storage of items that need to be kept frozen or dry, they can be held liable.

What Do You Have to Prove in a Product Liability Case?

For a successful product liability case, you must provide evidence of the following:

  • The product you bought was defective, and it was defective when it left the control of a designer, manufacturer, or other party.
  • You used the product as intended, as a reasonable person in your situation would have.
  • You suffered recognizable damages, such as medical costs from an injury or property damage.
  • The damages were directly caused by the product and its defect.

In a product liability claim, you have the burden of proof for each of these elements.

Who Is Liable in a Product Liability Case?

Each product liability case is unique, and the at-fault party depends on your claim. There may be multiple parties at fault, including the manufacturer, designer, distributor, retailer, or marketer of the product. Many parties in the supply chain may be liable, and it depends on the type of defect the product has. The flaw may be in the design, in the lack of safety features or warnings, or in improper labeling of the product.

Oklahoma City Product Liability Attorneys Who Stand Up for You

When you work with 222 Injury Lawyers after a product liability injury in Oklahoma City, we provide you with empathetic, diligent, and communicative legal support. For years, we have served the communities in the Oklahoma City area. We know what a difficult financial and emotional position an injury puts you in.

We want to help you obtain the financial support you need to maintain stability. We don’t get paid unless you do, and we want to hold the at-fault party liable for the harm done to you. Contact 222 Injury Lawyers today.

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