2024 What To Do After A Car Accident in Oklahoma?

A car accident can be a very traumatic event. Not knowing what to do in the aftermath can only further complicate that experience. It’s very important to take the right steps immediately following a car accident to ensure your health, safety, and legal protection. If you’ve been involved in an Oklahoma car accident, our team of Oklahoma car accident lawyers can help get you the care and compensation you deserve.

What Steps Should I Take After an Accident?

Call 911: Accidents can happen without warning, so it is very easy to be overwhelmed by shock. It’s important to seek medical attention for yourself and others immediately. The severity of an injury isn’t always obvious to the untrained eye, so getting the right medical professionals on sight quickly can ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Get Out of Harm’s Way: If an accident happens in a dangerous area like an intersection or in the middle of traffic, you run the risk of being hit again or causing additional accidents. Turn on your hazard lights and move your car to the side of the road if possible. If you aren’t able to move, stay in the vehicle and wait for emergency personnel.

Exchange Information: It’s a good idea to exchange contact and insurance information with any other parties involved in the car accident. Be sure to get their name, address, phone number, license plate number, insurance company name, and policy number. You may also ask to take a picture of their driver’s license so that you have their driver’s license number.

Gather Evidence: When it’s safe, you can begin to document your own evidence for the police report.

  • Take photos of the scene (all cars, scenery, property damage, street signs, etc.)
  • Document road or weather conditions
  • Document the make, model, and color of all cars involved
  • Take note of any statements or comments made by other parties
  • Document statements from witnesses

Wait For the Police: Law enforcement will work to secure the scene of the accident and talk with all parties involved in order to prepare a police report. It is important to be detailed with the police so that your statement is documented properly in the police report you’ll later use for the filing of any claims.

Contact Insurance Company: Most insurance companies require you to report a car crash as soon as possible. Be sure to keep them abreast of any medical bills or expenses you incur as a result of the crash.

Contact an Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer: Always contact an experienced attorney following a car accident. If you sustained injuries or property damage to your vehicle, missed work, or experienced emotional trauma from the accident, then you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party. Our experienced attorneys can help file your claim today.

What Should I Avoid After an Accident?

Leaving the Scene: Do not leave before the police arrive and assess the scene. Not only will you lose your right to pursue any compensation for the crash, but you’ll be charged with committing a hit-and-run.

Admitting Fault: It is not your job to determine fault in an accident, even if you suspect that you may be responsible. Therefore, do not admit fault via verbal conversation or recorded/written statement.

Accepting Settlement: If a suspected “at-fault” party offers any sort of off-record payment or settlement, you should not accept. Instead, follow proper legal and insurance protocols.

Social Media: Anything you post online can be used against you in legal proceedings or insurance claims. Refrain from posting anything related or seemingly unrelated to the accident until you’ve spoken with your Oklahoma car accident lawyer.

Moving Injured People: In most cases, you should not move an injured pedestrian or passenger unless there’s a fire or immediate environmental damage. Moving them could cause further injury, so turn on your hazard lights and protect their environment as much as you can until medical professionals arrive.


Q: What Is the First Thing You Do When You Get in a Collision in Oklahoma?

A: Call 911. It’s important to ensure the health and safety of all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

After calling 911, move your car away from traffic only if you can safely do so.

When it is safe, be sure to exchange both contact and insurance information with the other parties involved in the accident.

Q: Do You Have to Call the Police for a Fender Bender in Oklahoma?

A: No, but you should. In Oklahoma, you are only required to report car accidents that result in bodily harm, death, or $300 or more in property damages. However, neither injuries nor property damages are always overtly apparent, so it’s advised to call the police to ensure you are protected down the line.

Q: How Long After an Accident Do You Have to File a Claim in Oklahoma?

A: In Oklahoma, you need to file your claim within two years, as there is a statute of limitations for filing a legal claim. However, keep in mind that most insurance companies will require you to begin the insurance claim step immediately following the accident. It is wise to contact both an attorney and your insurance company right away.

Q: How Long Does a Car Accident Stay on Your Record in Oklahoma?

A: In most cases, a car accident stays on your record for one year in the state of Oklahoma. However, this often depends on the details of your particular accident. A car accident with injuries or fatalities will reflect differently than a minor fender bender for the at-fault driver. Other details, such as negligence and intent, play a role as well.

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Car accidents are complicated, stressful, and overwhelming. After seeking medical attention and contacting authorities, you may be forced to deal with injuries, property damage, or legal claims. This can be particularly frustrating if you were not the cause of the accident. Whether you are at fault or not, it is important to consider hiring an Oklahoma car accident lawyer to guide you through the aftermath of your accident.

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